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Welcome at Burkewiki! You may search for a Coat of Arms if you know the name of the family. You may search for a family having a Coat of Arms if you put in words of the description. (Don't use unimportant words as "and" or "the".)

Burkewiki is a project where everyone who is interested in heraldry can contribute!

Heraldry as a science raises provable statements about the form and possession of coats of arms. What is considered proof for the form are the sources, ie old pictures or descriptions from the time of the use of the coat of arms. Seals are especially important because of the date of the document they are on and the link often established with a concrete person. Old rolls or books of coats of arms are usable, if they are of the time or if they indicate sources themselves. Many coat of arms books do not indicate sources and are taken with more or less confidence. The reader gets a firmer basis only by comparison with seals or with books of coats of arms with sources.

The armorial of Burke is an important source of the heraldry of England, Ireland and Scotland. Some times it presents sources for its claims. It would be propitious for the progress and the science of heraldry to find the missing reliable evidence. To realize this alone requires an eternity, but together achievable in a finite time.

In this Wiki, all coats of arms are represented by the text in the book. There may be duplicates. The pages are given. This allows a simple regional classification and treatment page by page for integration of the missing parts and for the correction.

At the beginning, we present a first version where nothing can be modified or added directly. Errors in the texts are possible, due to the generation and automatic modification, important during the process of manufacturing. Due to massive frauds in the past interested heraldists should contact the author with proposals related to content and project progress.

Herbert Stoyan, January 2018

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We work along the following plan: 1. names spelling correction 2. text spelling correction 3. expanding the content

At present we are in phase 1. If you see any wrong spelling in the names (names of the wiki pages) please inform me at

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