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Welcome to BurkeWiki! BurkeWiki is a project where all people interested in heraldry may contribute!

Heraldry as science is a system of provable claims in relation of appearance and the ownership of coats of arms. Proofs are sources, i.e. old contemporary images or descriptions (blazons). "Contemporary" means: at the time of the usage of the coat of arms. Seals play an important role because the charters on which they are applied are dated and often contain an explicit association to a specific person. Old rolls of arms are usable if they are contemporary or if they refer to good sources. Many armorials don't refer to sources. Their trustworthiness may be classified based on comparisons with seals or other source based sources.

The volume of Burke's General Armory was published 1884. Its value for English heraldry is discussed. Compared with the Dictionary its good characteristics are: It contains detailed descriptions of many coats of arms (even the marshalled), it differentiates between shield, crest, supporters, and mottoes. It gives sometimes genealogical remarks, and even sources. Therefore it is a better starting point for a new complete description of all English, Irish, and Scottish coat of arms. The dictionary and all books which were published since 1884 should be used to strengthen the source basis of this book.

The current content cannot be changed or augmented. The intention is to initiate a discussion related to the structure of the Wiki. There are still many errors because of the construction process of the Wiki: Automatic text generation (OCR) and conversion were used heavily.

The Wiki may be used by searching for family names or for heraldic terms in the standard search slot. This will be upgraded by differenciate between the various subfields of the descriptions.

Herbert Stoyan, January 2018

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If you have a coat of arms with some martlets and a crescent, key in: martlets crescent The answer is a list of links into this wiki to pages where coats of arms of this kind are presented.